Zag Witcheyes

Male Devilkin. Unusual eyes, sharp teeth, sharper outfit.


Zag Witcheyes

Devilkin (Strange Eyes, Pointed teeth) Magus (School of Illusion)

Level: 6
Title: Savant

Prestige: 30782/48000

(Weapon Mastery: Revolver has been paid for, but only 5/6 months have passed)


-Zag, you have Flash pellets, USE THEM

-We have some silver coins and a silver compass stashed away

-Key stone, artifact-creating heart of Mortis Rex, is being held onto for now until AIRSHIP! (they sell them in the south)

Physique: 11 +0
Cunning: 17 +2
Ego (Weak): 13 +1
Charisma (Strong): 17 +2
Wickedness: 6 +1(?)

PHP: 28 (6d4 0 phys/level +6 Herodule/level +12 Health Sigil of Bodando/level)
MHP: 40 (6d8 +6 ego/level +6 Herodule/level)
PAC: 14= 1 armor + 13 (17
MAC: 16= 1 racial + 15(17+13=30/2)
Saving Throw DC: 20 (+6 level bonus, +2 talisman, +4 vs. Death effects, +4 vs. Magic)
Heroic Bonus: +2
Movement: 12"
Initiative factor (Bare handed): +2
Initiative factor (one handed only, Dagger or Revolver): +1
Initiative factor (Magic device): +2

Stress*: 0
Affliction: 0
*-I am now a flagellant. I must deal 1d6 to myself during a rest to restore a point of stress. However, Herodule stops first stress point.

Racial bonuses: +4 on saves vs. Magic, spells, and magical devices. +1 to social actions. +1 mental armor class. +2 to psychic and social attacks.

Other abilities: NIGHTVISION! (Darkness is dim light), Vigor (+4 saves vs. Death)

Physical attack: 2 (2 HB + 0 phy mod)
Cold Iron Dagger (1d6), can be thrown and used while grappling/restrained, +2 vs fiends
Steel Revolver (1d6
1), make extra attack per action, 8" range, further PENALIZED

Social attack: 6/7 for Intimidate and Taunt (2 HB + 2 cha mod + 2 racial)
Intimidate; 1AB/5 wkdns! if not shaken, shake up. if shaken, morale test
Confuse; , if not distracted, distract. if distracted, confuse.
2 subdual damage)

Psychic attack: 5 (2 HB + 1 ego mod + 2 racial)
Terrorize: if hit, causes enemy to be shaken
1 subdual damage)

Magical attack: +7 (2 HB + 2 cun mod +1 class +2 CP)
None as of yet.

Sigils: (Max: 7 = 6 level + 1 ego)

Arcana (1 Spell die)
Health (
2 HP per PHD)

Magic dice: 10 = 2 base + 5 level + 2 Cun mod +1 Arcana Sigil (Bodando, God of Justice)
Minor Spells (lose die on 2-): Minor Phantasm, Change Self, Invisibility, Color Spray, Distortion Field
Major Spells (lose die on 4-): Phantasmal Killer, Phantasm

Character point expenditures-
2nd level: Revolver proficiency.
3rd level: 2 Mag attack
4th level: Vigor (
4 on Saves vs. Death magic and effects)
5th level: Spring attack (Split-move-shoot)
6th level: Improvement (+2 Physique)

Magus Lores-
1st level: Penetrating Spell (Enemy saves are PENALIZED)
2nd level: Panther Familiar (gains Nightvision and Stealth Mastery)
5th level: Extended Illusion (no concentration)
6th level: Terrorize

Languages: Common, Hellion, Sign, Montus, Lilliputian (Dandy background)

Predigitation 1d8
Survival (urban) 1d8
Bureaucracy 1d8+1
Athletics 1d8+0 (Dandy background)
Stealth 1d12+0 Phys +1 Balaclava (Familiar)

Subordinates (Limit on the loyalty bar: 7= 1 base + 4 level + 2 Cha):
1 Alienist (100)
1 Herodule (150)
6 Clavigers (60)
1 Green-level Gater (30)
3 Engineers (300)
1 Pack ape
…and one panther familiar.

Projects this month-

Vulcan: Forged Cold Iron Dagger for me, Padded cloth for Clavigers

Engineers A: Helping to repair the wall.

Engineer B-C: Helping to drain the lake.

Green Gater: Guarding the tower


Tower in Bellchapel: Hot Air Ballon at the ready. Green Gater paid to keep out the riff raff.

Equipment, Hirelings, Henchmen, and Animals-

Herodule: Dominatrix Whip (Needed for Zag’s….“special” stress-related needs)

Pack Ape: Masterwork backpack- and Manacles, 50’ hemp rope strung across back, 3 sacks ready to carry treasure

6 Clavigers: 1 Padded armor, 1 Shield, 1 normal Backpack, and 3 Sacks each in addition to their weapons. They also carry my Kerosene Lamp (3" light) and a bundle of Lamp oil flasks

Equipment, Myself-

9 Physique + 3 extra slots from Masterwork Backpack= 12 equipment slots/stones/etc.

0: Caltrops, String, Candles, Balaclava, Whistle, Clothes, 15 essences
Masterwork backpack (3 slots): Bundle of Iron spikes, Collapsible Pole, Folding ladder
Masterwork alchemist’s belt: 6 Smoke pellets, 2 Healing potions, Tanglefoot bag, Flash pellets
1: Silk armor
2: Cold Iron dagger
3: Steel revolver
4: Talisman of Luck
5: Sack (2 slots for 1)- Bundle of Bullets, 50’ Silk Rope (sometimes used as a whip)
6: Sack- Empty
7: Sack- Empty

Secret Wallet-2 Platinum Circles, 94 Gold coins, 3 Steel pieces

Decoy Wallet- Ceramic shells (transfer to copper or steel), 34 pennies, 1 bits

200 coins is light
2000 ceramic is light


Zag Witcheyes

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