Brussle the Blorc [DEAD]

Level 1 Shroud. (Beloch Shrike / Nick W.'s character)


Physique 15 (1)
Cunning 13 (
Ego 8 (-1)(Weak)
Charisma 10
Wickedness 5
Physical HD d6
Mental HD d6
Move 12"
Steel Pieces 133
Experience Points 0

Mental AC 10
Mental HP 1
Physical AC 16
Physical HP 5

Save 18 (+1 per level)

Physical Attack 3
Magic Attack 0
Psionic Attack 0
Social Attack 2

Init Pool 2d6

Stealth: Expert (1d10)
Athletics: Skilled (1d8) (+1 from “Performer”)
Devices: Skilled (1d8)
Survival (Subterranean): Skilled (1d8)

Encumberance: 13/15 (-3L)(L = 1)
Silken Armor (AC +1)(-)
Iron Dagger (L)(1d8)
Steel Hurlbat (6)(6L)(1d6 +1)
Rubber Overalls (-)

Spidersilk Rope 100’ (L)
Thieve’s Tools (L)
Leather Scrollcase(L)
Chalk (Bundle)
Bell (-)
Blanket (L)
Rations 4 (4L)


  • Darkvision 24"
  • Miraculous Save: Once per day, after an attack has successfully dealt damage, can make a saving throw to negate said damage.
  • Unencumbering Weight: Light Armor does not encumber. 3 Light items’ encumbrance may be ignored.
  • Light Weapon Mastery: Shroud treats Light weapons as Medium for purposes of damage dice used.
  • Languages: Common, Hellion, Sign
  • Chaos Mutation 23: One of your arms becomes a long boney protrusion. Can be used as a shield or medium weapon with “Close Combat” and “Reach”

Character Traits Developed Through Play
Session 1: Devoted to his community.

Brussle the Blorc [DEAD]

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