Barrybell the Blorc

Level 4 Shroud. (Beloch Shrike / Nick W.'s character)


I am the hall of the Gods. Desecrated and destroyed. Inhabited by monstrous offspring of Heaven.

Crystal eye from the center of face. A beacon shining a bright light to the house of the gods.

Complex mouth parts, ionic columns open from chest.

Right hand is a 4’ long neck of a diplodocus, too heavy to lift. Speaks Ophidian.

All who percieve me see me as adapted fully to their culture and mannerisms. Can become overwhelmed by the new identity.

Physique 8 (-1) (16 if my various crit fuckeries are resolved)
Cunning 15 (+1)(Strong)
Ego 7 (-1)(Weak)
Charisma 6 (-1)
Wickedness 7 (-1)
Physical HD d6
Mental HD d6
Move 12"
Money 7,578
Prestiege 45,871

Mental AC 6
Mental HP 19
Physical AC 17
Physical HP 21

Save 18 (+1 per level)

Physical Attack +5
Magic Attack +4
Psionic Attack -1
Social Attack -1

Init Pool 4d6 +2

Stealth: Expert (1d10) +3 to the roll.
Athletics: Skilled (1d8)
Devices: Skilled (1d8) +1 to the roll.
Survival (Subterranean) (1d8)
Profession (Engineer) Skilled (1d8)
Healing: Skilled (1d8)

Encumbrance: 7/19 (LIGHTLY ENCUMBERED: 75% movement rate)(-3L)(L = 1, Enc = 2)

  • Balaclava (+1 to Stealth)
  • Silken Armor (+1 AC) (“Obscures your actual location”)
  • Knuckle Iron (L) 1d8 (No dmg v. Heavy Armor)
  • Cold Iron Knuckles (L) 1d8 (No dmg v. Heavy Armor)(Fiend Bane)
  • Steel Sling (L) 1d6 + 1 (Short Range, 8", Penalized if further.)
  • Sword that fixes morale checks. Can’t understand how it works.
  • Alchemical Belt, Masterwork
  • Masterwork Backpack

  • N10’ Pole w/ Hook (Enc)
  • Spade (L)
  • Blanket (L)
  • Crowbar (L)
  • Mining Pick (L)
  • Masterwork Thieve’s Tools (L)
  • 3 Large Sacks
  • Auroch, Carrying:
  • 2 Chains, 15’ each. (2L)
  • 2 Hemp Ropes, 100’ each. (4 Enc)
  • Hirelings
    4 Clavegers (Loyalty 2, 40sp/month)


    • Darkness Shroud: Succeed on a Stealth check, become invisible until you attack, cast a spell, or leave an area of darkness or dim light.
    • Darkvision (Enhancement from Darkness Shroud)
    • Sideslip: Shroud can move anywhere within 20" that is visible to them, through a warp in space. This movement requires a Quick action. This can be used 3 times in an hour. More frequent use grants 1 Affliction (Fatigue) point per use.


    • Miraculous Save: Once per day, after an attack has successfully dealt damage, can make a saving throw to negate said damage.
    • Unencumbering Weight: Light Armor does not encumber. 3 Light items’ encumbrance may be ignored.
    • Light Weapon Mastery: Shroud treats Light weapons as Medium for purposes of damage dice used.
    • Languages: Common, Hellion, Sign
    • Chaos Mutation : An organ or part of your body generates light as a torch. You may generate this light at will, but it is also triggered by a secondary circumstance, created by the Agonarch and you. (Glowing Dick, Glows when I’m aroused)

    Character Traits Developed Through Play
    Session 2: Member of a collective which promotes being proactive for community benefit.
    Session 2: Would always prefer a productive dialogue to combat.

    Barrybell the Blorc

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