Google+ Perdition, Volume 3, Session 2

Our Chest Grew Ten Sizes That Day

Dramatis Personae
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc
John Bell as Dead Frank
Elias Stretch as Dematar Drogba
? as Zag Witcheyes
Joshua Blackketter as Ashen Ungrall
Jess Harper of Mars as Thrak Mangefur
? as Grumtok Greenhand


  • 40,450 Gold Pieces (404,500 steel pieces)
  • 14 Alchemical Essences (worth 250sp each, but not sold)
  • An unidentified suit of armor.

(Divided by 8, that comes to 50,562 steel pieces & prestige each. During the session it was said that we got 41,250 each, so I imagine I’m off in some respect)

Highlights Recap
We set back out to find that boat in the middle of the lake, avoiding the well we explored last session. We endured a few hardships: cliffs to climb, creepy sights imagined out over the water, a buried statue, and some FratGoats, but ultimately we managed to reach the shore, and build a set of rafts under the guidance of our hired engineer.

Once done we attempted to cross the water at low tide (presuming that the partially-submerged ship would be most accessible during this time). Unfortunately, the low level of the water also meant that the heretofore unknown undead hordes at the bottom of the lake could reach our rafts, and one was capsized. The party retreated with haste, and only managed to rescue two of the raft’s 4 occupants: an PC, and one of his clavegers. The other two were devoured by the undead below.

While waiting for high tide, the party saw some odd lookin’ dudes on stilts who were “tending to the undead,” in the words of the Agonarch. They did not seem to be bothered by our presence, and we gave them a wide berth.

Once the tide was high, we set out again, and made it across the water to the ship without significant incident. Once inside we pretty quickly came across a fairly well furnished living quarters, complete with a large bookshelf, and an aquarium with a pair of small eels, and a tiny treasure chest within.

The moment the treasure chest was removed from the aquarium, it returned to its true (much larger) size. The sudden increase in weight caused it to fall, destroying the aquarium, and allowing both the water within, and the eels, to return to their true (much larger) sizes. The party would have been in real fuckin’ trouble if not for the fact that some of the party members had stepped outside of the cabin, and were able to break in from the outside, draining the room of water, and turning the eels into floppy meat ready to be butchered. Unfortunately, before this could be accomplished, Thrak took enough mental damage to render him basically useless until he could get some psychiatric help.

Upon opening the chest we discovered way more fuckin’ coins than we could ever carry in our wildest dreams. Hell, even though 2/3rds of it was just shells, the 1/3rd that was gold was more than we could carry. Everyone filled every pocket they had with as many coins as they could carry, and we just set off back for home.

The FratGoats were waiting for us on the shore, apparently looking to harass us and take some of our loot, but a showy display of magic drove them off and we were able to beach our raft safely. We then spent so much time nitpicking about the most appropriate way to endure the 16 encounter checks worth of encumbered travel time ahead of us, that we earned ourselves a 17th encounter check.

The road back was more or less uneventful, despite the 17 encounter checks. We ran into some were rats, but we drove them off before they even had a chance to act. We accumulated some stress, but that’s about that.

When we hit town, Major Tsar was waiting for us, ready to shake us down for all the “taxes” he could come up with. Given the size of our haul, we offered him two full sacks of gold (800 coins, already deducted from the amount above), which he was more than happy with. We then paid some “tributes” to the sultan to keep him off our case as well.

The session ended with most members of the party leveling up twice.


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