Google+ Perdition, Season 3, Session 1

You Are Not Communicating With Anyone Via Morse Code Using Your Penis!

Dramatis Personae
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc
John Bell as Dead Frank
Elias Stretch as Dematar Drogba
? as Zag Witcheyes
Joshua Blackketter as Ashen Ungrall
Jess Harper of Mars as Thrak Mangefur
? as Grumtok Greenhand

Sold Loot

  • 3 black sapphires worth 25 steel each
  • Wrought gold earring worth 800 steel
  • Small shrunken head casts dimensional anchor when lips are cut free. 4000 steel
  • 187 Gold Flames
  • 324 Steel Pieces
  • Pair of Boots covered in Runes. (Allow animals to stand on hind legs & talk) Sold for 15,000sp

(We got some ~3020 Steel Pieces and Prestige each, plus 1000 prestige for escaping the dungeon, minus 600 for doing it covered in shit.)

Kept Loot

  • 12 essences 250 steel each

Highlights Recap
In the Realm of Ul’Num; dominion of Eppithermus the Potentate of Excuses and Pothos the Marquis of Sexual Longing, the party found themselves in the town of Bellchapel, city of the Sultan whose name I don’t remember.

For a variety of foul reasons, the party had disgusted and annoyed the Sultan, and were summarily thrown into a deadly labyrinth to meet their doom. Figuring we could probably get out of this through a sewer grate or something, the party lit their light sources and set on their way.

Many of the walls in the labyrinth were covered in glittering gemstones which seemed to draw in the light we were carrying. Right about the time we figured out that these gems were serving as eyes to the labyrinth’s monster (and were arguing over how to deal with that), we encountered the monster. A shaggy red haired thing with milky eyes and way more hit points than we wanted to deal with.

We doused our torches and started following our Bogill around, since he could see in the dark. We experienced some brief frustration when we discovered that some of the walls moved, cutting off our escape. Fortunately, shortly afterwords we found a crevice in the wall. It was a trivial thing to climb up it, and out of the public latrines above. We were covered in shit, but the angry red monster down below was left to pummel the walls instead of us, so I’d call it a net win.

Knowing we weren’t too popular in town at the moment, we bought some shit (not like the literal shit we were covered with. Useful shit. Like ropes and a goat), then set off to find adventure. On our way to a boat we discovered a well from which screams were emitting. Deciding that one adventure was just as good as another, we descended into the well.

First we were in a big area without anything interesting in it. Then we found a cannibal who had locked a lady in a room. We let the lady out, then the cannibal turned into a big hulkin’ monster dude, so we killed him.

Then we found some fire breathing beetles rooting among the corpses of a bunch of dead folks. Just as we were trying to decide what to do with them, some were-rats came up behind us and decided to kill us even though we were being very polite to them. Rude.

We killed everyone, thanks in large part to Barrybell cleverly using one of the fire breathing beetles as a flamethrower against the wererats. After that we did some looting, a little more exploring, but ultimately decided that we’d had enough adventure for one day. We all headed back to Bellchapel, where our newfound wealth made us substantially more popular.


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