Google+ Perdition, Volume 3, Session 3

A big army attacked Bellchapel.

Barrybell said the party should run. Everybody else decided we should stay and fight, because apparently a couple levels has made us goddamned invincible or some shit?

The party gets into a whole bunch of shit. They’re probably going to die. The session ends In Media Res

Google+ Perdition, Volume 3, Session 2
Our Chest Grew Ten Sizes That Day

Dramatis Personae
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc
John Bell as Dead Frank
Elias Stretch as Dematar Drogba
? as Zag Witcheyes
Joshua Blackketter as Ashen Ungrall
Jess Harper of Mars as Thrak Mangefur
? as Grumtok Greenhand


  • 40,450 Gold Pieces (404,500 steel pieces)
  • 14 Alchemical Essences (worth 250sp each, but not sold)
  • An unidentified suit of armor.

(Divided by 8, that comes to 50,562 steel pieces & prestige each. During the session it was said that we got 41,250 each, so I imagine I’m off in some respect)

Highlights Recap
We set back out to find that boat in the middle of the lake, avoiding the well we explored last session. We endured a few hardships: cliffs to climb, creepy sights imagined out over the water, a buried statue, and some FratGoats, but ultimately we managed to reach the shore, and build a set of rafts under the guidance of our hired engineer.

Once done we attempted to cross the water at low tide (presuming that the partially-submerged ship would be most accessible during this time). Unfortunately, the low level of the water also meant that the heretofore unknown undead hordes at the bottom of the lake could reach our rafts, and one was capsized. The party retreated with haste, and only managed to rescue two of the raft’s 4 occupants: an PC, and one of his clavegers. The other two were devoured by the undead below.

While waiting for high tide, the party saw some odd lookin’ dudes on stilts who were “tending to the undead,” in the words of the Agonarch. They did not seem to be bothered by our presence, and we gave them a wide berth.

Once the tide was high, we set out again, and made it across the water to the ship without significant incident. Once inside we pretty quickly came across a fairly well furnished living quarters, complete with a large bookshelf, and an aquarium with a pair of small eels, and a tiny treasure chest within.

The moment the treasure chest was removed from the aquarium, it returned to its true (much larger) size. The sudden increase in weight caused it to fall, destroying the aquarium, and allowing both the water within, and the eels, to return to their true (much larger) sizes. The party would have been in real fuckin’ trouble if not for the fact that some of the party members had stepped outside of the cabin, and were able to break in from the outside, draining the room of water, and turning the eels into floppy meat ready to be butchered. Unfortunately, before this could be accomplished, Thrak took enough mental damage to render him basically useless until he could get some psychiatric help.

Upon opening the chest we discovered way more fuckin’ coins than we could ever carry in our wildest dreams. Hell, even though 2/3rds of it was just shells, the 1/3rd that was gold was more than we could carry. Everyone filled every pocket they had with as many coins as they could carry, and we just set off back for home.

The FratGoats were waiting for us on the shore, apparently looking to harass us and take some of our loot, but a showy display of magic drove them off and we were able to beach our raft safely. We then spent so much time nitpicking about the most appropriate way to endure the 16 encounter checks worth of encumbered travel time ahead of us, that we earned ourselves a 17th encounter check.

The road back was more or less uneventful, despite the 17 encounter checks. We ran into some were rats, but we drove them off before they even had a chance to act. We accumulated some stress, but that’s about that.

When we hit town, Major Tsar was waiting for us, ready to shake us down for all the “taxes” he could come up with. Given the size of our haul, we offered him two full sacks of gold (800 coins, already deducted from the amount above), which he was more than happy with. We then paid some “tributes” to the sultan to keep him off our case as well.

The session ended with most members of the party leveling up twice.

Google+ Perdition, Season 3, Session 1
You Are Not Communicating With Anyone Via Morse Code Using Your Penis!

Dramatis Personae
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc
John Bell as Dead Frank
Elias Stretch as Dematar Drogba
? as Zag Witcheyes
Joshua Blackketter as Ashen Ungrall
Jess Harper of Mars as Thrak Mangefur
? as Grumtok Greenhand

Sold Loot

  • 3 black sapphires worth 25 steel each
  • Wrought gold earring worth 800 steel
  • Small shrunken head casts dimensional anchor when lips are cut free. 4000 steel
  • 187 Gold Flames
  • 324 Steel Pieces
  • Pair of Boots covered in Runes. (Allow animals to stand on hind legs & talk) Sold for 15,000sp

(We got some ~3020 Steel Pieces and Prestige each, plus 1000 prestige for escaping the dungeon, minus 600 for doing it covered in shit.)

Kept Loot

  • 12 essences 250 steel each

Highlights Recap
In the Realm of Ul’Num; dominion of Eppithermus the Potentate of Excuses and Pothos the Marquis of Sexual Longing, the party found themselves in the town of Bellchapel, city of the Sultan whose name I don’t remember.

For a variety of foul reasons, the party had disgusted and annoyed the Sultan, and were summarily thrown into a deadly labyrinth to meet their doom. Figuring we could probably get out of this through a sewer grate or something, the party lit their light sources and set on their way.

Many of the walls in the labyrinth were covered in glittering gemstones which seemed to draw in the light we were carrying. Right about the time we figured out that these gems were serving as eyes to the labyrinth’s monster (and were arguing over how to deal with that), we encountered the monster. A shaggy red haired thing with milky eyes and way more hit points than we wanted to deal with.

We doused our torches and started following our Bogill around, since he could see in the dark. We experienced some brief frustration when we discovered that some of the walls moved, cutting off our escape. Fortunately, shortly afterwords we found a crevice in the wall. It was a trivial thing to climb up it, and out of the public latrines above. We were covered in shit, but the angry red monster down below was left to pummel the walls instead of us, so I’d call it a net win.

Knowing we weren’t too popular in town at the moment, we bought some shit (not like the literal shit we were covered with. Useful shit. Like ropes and a goat), then set off to find adventure. On our way to a boat we discovered a well from which screams were emitting. Deciding that one adventure was just as good as another, we descended into the well.

First we were in a big area without anything interesting in it. Then we found a cannibal who had locked a lady in a room. We let the lady out, then the cannibal turned into a big hulkin’ monster dude, so we killed him.

Then we found some fire breathing beetles rooting among the corpses of a bunch of dead folks. Just as we were trying to decide what to do with them, some were-rats came up behind us and decided to kill us even though we were being very polite to them. Rude.

We killed everyone, thanks in large part to Barrybell cleverly using one of the fire breathing beetles as a flamethrower against the wererats. After that we did some looting, a little more exploring, but ultimately decided that we’d had enough adventure for one day. We all headed back to Bellchapel, where our newfound wealth made us substantially more popular.

Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 5
The Little Shaft of Destiny

Dramatis Personae:
+John Bell as Dead Frank
+Beloch Shrike as Barrybell

Highlights Recap
After about 90 minutes, the Agonarch stopped talking about micropenis, and the party continued exploring the Manpit mines.

Barrybell advanced through a crevice in the back wall of the room where the Salt Hag was defeated, discovering a vertical shaft. Lowering himself on the rope, he found an offshoot from the shaft about halfway down, and at the bottom of the shaft he discovered a set of winding stairs leading further downward.

Deciding to explore the offshoot, Barrybell and Dead Frank discovered the large gaping mouth of a monster’s skull, large enough for them to walk between its teeth upright. Barrybell looked for mechanical hinges on the jaw, and tested the ground for pressure plates, but found none. Barrybell used his 10’ pole to prod around inside of its mouth.

The session ended In Media Res.

Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 4
Getting Stressed-Out by a Salt Hag

Dramatis Personae

John Bell as Dead Frank the Sorcerer
John Bell as Kevin Unpredictablesnakes the Flesh Puppet
Jarrett Crader as Annaphalactika the Devilkin Mystic
Nick Whelan as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud

An Ivory Necklace worth 4000sp
An Astral Circlet worth 7000sp
(11,000sp / 3 = 3667 Steel Pieces each.)

NPC Relationships
Barrybell befriended four Clavegers named Albert, Bertrum, Carlton, and Devin. All four perished during the course of the adventure.

Barrybell hired a Gater named Earnest to guard our pack animals while we are in the mines.

Highlights Recap
In order to better support the playtest and explore the prepared material, the party reversed their previous decision and opted to investigate the Manpit Mines.

Barrybell purchased two Aurochs to carry the party’s gear, and they traveled the 3 miles to the mine to scout the location. They found that the mine shaft was sheer enough that they’d need to climb down to descend. They also noted a frozen-over bronze grate just below the lip of the shaft. The party opted to return to town to stock up on supplies before attempting their descent.

Once they were properly supplied, they mounted a chain to a nearby tree, and lowered it (and a rope attached to it) into the shaft. It was here that the party also spotted a secondary path, a crawlspace beneath the tree. Given how cramped the space was, the party opted to stick with climbing down the shaft.

Barrybell climbed down far enough to clear off the ice from the grate with his crowbar. Once this was done and it became apparent that the grate wasn’t built to be opened, Barrybell used his pick to smash the cold brass to pieces. The party then retreated briefly to see if any creatures would respond to the noise.

Barrybell and Dead Frank then descended through the grate, where they found a small chamber with roots coming in through the ceiling. There were two exits: one evidently leading up under the tree, and the other a large bronze plate on the ground, covering a shaft like a manhole cover would.

Annaphalactika joined the party, and Barrybell was lowered down the smooth-bore shaft, discovering a spiked pit below. Avoiding the pit, Barrybell discovered that this lower section could also be reached via the main shaft. On the other side, he discovered a room of salt.

Returning up the smooth bore shaft to confer with the others, it was decided that the whole party would descend further down the main shaft, then explore the salt room together. The moment they stepped foot in the salt room, a column of salt carried a dessicated woman to the surface, who howled and attacked.

The party attempted to parley with the creature, but failing that, engaged in a brutal fight. Albert, Bertrum, Carlton, and Devin were all killed in defense of Barrybell. And Barrybell wept for their passing.

The party did emerge victorious in the battle, slaying the salt hag and looting her exploded corpse of treasures.

The session ended In Media Res

Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 3
The Consequences of Success

Dramatis Personae:

Courtney Campbell as Agonarch

John Bell as Kevin Unpredictabesnakes the Sorcerer
John Bell as Dead Frank the Sock Puppet
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud
Chris H. as Hráz the Inquisitor


  • The treasure from the previous two sessions was tallied up to 9000 steel pieces worth of items, not including the four large gems discovered last session. Because it seemed next to impossible to keep those gems, we opted to hide them among the trash. Hopefully we will be able to come back for them later.
  • Divided amongst the four who participated in the previous session, each character emerged from the lower levels with 2250sp worth of money and prestige.
  • For completing the job of clearing the trash, we were paid 50 steel pieces per person, per square foot cleared. This amounted to 28 square feet, or 1400sp for each of us.
  • At this juncture, we each had 3650 steel pieces and prestige (not including starting money).
  • The administrator insulted the party. Barrybell and Hraz accepted the insult, and lost 200 and 600 prestige respectively.
  • Dead Frank rejected the insult, and lost no prestige. The clerk declared a vendetta and anted 1000 prestige, which Dead Frank matched.
  • Loshaga called us to her chambers, and demanded that each of us acknowledge that we performed our task for her glory. We agreed, and each lost 1100 prestige in the process.
  • Dead Frank spends all of his money, preventing the Diabolic Administrator from collecting on her vendetta. She loses the vendetta, and Dead Frank claims the pool of prestige that was wagered. A total of 2000 prestige. The Vile Conclave has not yet determined whether to award it to Dead Frank.

NPC Relationships

  • The party met Spebb and his bet Drooge. Spebb wishes he had time to cavity search everybody, but he doesn’t, so he only cavity searched Kevin Unpredictablesnakes
  • The party met an unnamed Diabolic Administrator. She casually insulted us, and seemed mildly annoyed when Dead Frank refused to accept the insult. We imagine she’s probably significantly more annoyed that Dead Frank won the Vendetta.
  • The party encountered Loshaga for a second time. Loshaga made a demand of us, which we happily obeyed.

Highlights Recap

The session began with a discussion of whether or not Stargate SG-1 is bad, followed by a discussion of whether or not the Batman films were bad, followed by a discussion of whether or not the Deadpool trailers look bad.

When play began, the players hid the high value gems discovered during the previous session, judging that it would be too much trouble to attempt to keep or fence them at this juncture. We then returned to the living areas of level 3, and sold our various treasures and essences for coin, and changed our coins to the lightest denominations available.

From there we traveled to the municipal building, where we encountered a chief of security named Spebb, and his pet Drooge. After a brief search (which plumbed the depths of poor Kevin’s body cavities), the party was shown into the administrator’s opulent office. She sat behind a very fancy desk, which was separated from the party by a wall of glass.

The administrator was unimpressed with us, and performed nearly all of her dealings without even looking up from her papers. She unenthusiastically congratulated us on a job well done, and dispensed payment to each of us. The money had barely touched our palms when she insulted us to steal back some of the prestige we had just gained, calling us the dirties, most foul smelling group of degenerates who had ever worked for her.

Barrybell and Hraz accepted the insult without complaint, but Dead Frank refused it. This seemed to surprise / annoy the administrator, who lackadaisically declared a vendetta. Dead Frank held firm, and anted up his prestige. The administrator vowed to take half of all his money for the next month.

No sooner had the party left the administrative building than we were summoned to the chambers of Loshaga. The ruler of Ascent, sitting on her throne of the forged living, also congratulated the party on a job well done. She then demanded that we proclaim to all that what we did, we had done for her glory. All of the party happily agreed to this, and we were allowed to be on our way.

The party then purchased equipment and training for ourselves, and in particular Dead Frank chose to spend every penny of his money. When the agents of the administrator ransacked Dead Frank’s home, they found nothing of value. Dead Frank contends that he won the Vendetta, since the administrator is incapable of taking half of his money. The vile conclave has yet to return a decision on the matter, and the 2000 prestige pot is being withheld pending judgement.

In the meantime, the party weighed which of the available jobs they would like to pursue: either plundering the Manpit Mines, or taking supplies to the Trolls. In the end, the party agreed to pursue the latter course. Barrybell put up the funds to purchase 84 rations to be carried on one of the carts, and split between the party.

Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 2
TPK Payday

Dramatis Personae:
Jarrett as Erasmus Ferby the Red Troll Thug
John Bell as Steve Bad the Sorcerer
Nick W. as Brussle the Blorc Shroud

Jarret as Annaphalactica the Devilkin Mystic
John Bell as Kevin Unpredictabesnakes the Sorcerer
John Bell as Dead Frank the Sock Puppet
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud
Chris H. as Hráz the Inquisitor

Demonic Alchemical Essences worth 1500sp
A scepter worth 4000sp
50 loose gold coins worth 500sp
A platinum crown worth 1000sp
4 small jet gems, 6" diameter. Each worth 50,000sp each (200,000sp)

Total Loot 207,000 Divided among living participants 51,750

NPC Relationships
Laborers: We continued to employ them, treating them respectfully. However, two of those who were off by themselves moving trash were killed by a demon, and the rest failed their morale check when asked to fight, and fled, only returning when the demon was defeated.

Highlights Recap

Continuing on their noble quest to clear the trash from the 6th sublevel of the tower, Brussel traveled down to sublevel 14, and arranged a board to cover the shaft. The rest of the party then tossed down a trash bag as a test, which banged against the board, splattering garbage goo everywhere, which was easily moved aside with a shovel. The test proved effective, but it also attracted attention.

A many armed demon with a horrifying mouth in its torso rose from the depths of the shaft. Apparently the source of the many taboos about throwing trash into the shafts. Brussle tried to reason with the creature, but a reaction roll of 2 prompted it to attack. Brussle’s iron dagger dealt a devastating blow to the demon—a creature weak against iron. But things just went downhill from there.

Brussle was the first to fall, being bitten by the creature, and having his innards sucked out of his body. Erasmus fell next, rappelling down to help, only to have his hand mangled, and his face torn clean off of his body. Finally, Steve bad was taken hold of, and shaken to death by the demon.

Total Party Kill

By the time new characters were rolled, Chris H had arrived. Ross the Inquisitor filled in his new companions (sent by Loshaga to finish the job the incompetents had started). The new party determines that they should revert to the original plan, lowering garbage carefully down the shaft rather than tossing it onto a board.

There was then a very lengthy argument about Math, during which all players were bored.

Realizing that the task of clearing garbage would take hours upon hours (and over 40 encounter checks), the party took some time to erect a series of walls, board up doors, and set small distracting traps throughout the environment. We also made a set of 10 long spears for the laborers, if it became necessary. The PCs stood guard while the 7 laborers moved the trash. Rats made several attempts to accost the group, but were held back by the walls or distracted by the traps each time.

In several hours of work, the players uncovered numerous items of treasure, which was pretty awesome.

After roughly a third of one room had been fully cleared of trash, a scream was heard from the lower level where a pair of laborers were unloading the trash. The party quickly took up positions away from the opening to the shaft. Another demon (or perhaps the same one, healed) appeared.

The demon declared its anger for having its shaft disturbed by thrown items. Barrybell countered that their group had not tossed a single item down the shaft; while Dead Frank the Sockpuppet decided it would work better to just insult the creature.

This second battle went a fair bit more in our favor, and the party was able to make short work of the demon by hurling spears and waiting for it to close to melee. All aided by Frank’s deft use of social attacks to weaken the demon, and drive his allies into a fighting rage.

Shortly after the defeat of the Demon, when work resumed, the party found four gems of exceptional quality, which we shoved wayyyyyyyyyyy up our butts.

With a respectable amount of work complete, the party headed off upstairs to report our success. The session ended In Media Res.

Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 1
A Whole Heap of Trash

Dramatis Personae:
Chris H. (As an Inquisitor)
Nick W. (As Brussle the Black Orc Shroud)
John Bell (As Steve Bad the Sorcerer)
Michael Raston (As Bark ‘The Handless’ Thug

Loot: Rat Essences (2000sp of Rat essence)

Ongoing Goals: We still need to clean up the garbage. Probably by having our crew lower it down from sublevel 6 to sublevel 14.

NPC Relationships
-Between 3 of us we hired 7 laborers to help us move the garbage. We were nice enough to buy them all rubber overalls to prevent disease.

-Loshaga, a bearded antler devil in charge of the building we live in. Sullenly serves the child princess. He’s got a bad attitude about his life, and sent us to clean up garbage because lording his power over us makes him feel big.

Highlights Recap
We live in a skyscraper, the top of which is damaged, the bottom of which is full of traps, and the exterior of which is frozen tundra. The Frozen Realm of Exquisite Stasis, to be exact. The Child Princess Petharchia is in charge, but more directly we’re ruled over by a bearded antler devil named Loshaga.

People dispose of garbage by dumping it on sublevel 6, but the smell is starting to become a bother. We’ve been tasked with cleaning the sublevel.

After outfitting ourselves, the party descended to sublevel 6 and determined that the optimum strategy would be to survey all of the trash-filled rooms to ensure there were no monsters, before we dropped our guard and started work. We encountered immense amounts of smells bad enough to require a saving throw versus sickness, but otherwise found no monsters after opening all the doors.

Realizing the size of our task, we then went back upstairs to eat lunch, purchase rations, purchase protective equipment, and hire laborers.

Over lunch, we devised a plan: we’d use one of the building’s shafts to lower the garbage down to a lower level, where it could be unloaded safely. These shafts run the length of the whole building, but it is a cultural taboo not to put any garbage in them. Whether this taboo originates from an actual reason, the party doesn’t know. But since odors would probably travel up them very easily, the party opted not to simply disregard the taboo and use them as garbage dumps.

Brussle the Blorc was lowered on a rope to scout Sublevel 14, which was deemed sufficiently far down. He peeked down the corridors, and into the three rooms that were within walking distance without untying himself. He discovered no creatures, and the rooms were empty. Although one room did have three large pillars with writing on them that Brussle did not take time to investigate.

While Brussle was having this pleasant little scouting mission, the party was attacked by a swarm of rats which they fought off only with great difficulty. Then they were accosted by a great wolf creature. Fortunately the wolf was amenable to a negotiated settlement, and agreed to travel with the party on the promise of receiving food for his trouble.

Brussle returned to sublevel 6 with the rest of the party. The players then proceeded to spend several hours talking about game design, and the session ended in media res.

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