Tobias Brittlefoot


Tobias Brittlefoot– Chaotic Red Troll Sorcerer – Level 1

Initiative: 2d6 + 1(+4 w/dagger)

Physique: 7 -1 (weak)
Cunning: 16 + 2
Ego: 17 +2
Charisma: 11 (Strong)
Wickedness: 6

Phys HP: 2
Ment HP: 5
Move: 12’
Save: 17
Melee attack Bonus: -1
Social Attack Bonus: +0

Infernal Lore – Expert
Alchemy – Skilled

Padded Cloth Armor (+1)
Iron Dagger
Bronze Shortbow


Physical Hit Die: 1d4
Mental Hit Die: 1d8


Tobias Brittlefoot was a smart humanchild, but lacked ambition. With few choices for employment, he decided to enlist in the 66th Legion, on the delayed entry program, in hopes of becoming a cook (good food is hard to find in these parts). Unfortunately, Tobias lived up to his name and severely broke his ankle walking home in a drunken stupor from the pub one evening,. This put in breach of his enlistment contract, which resulted in him being transformed into a Red Troll in order to fulfill the contract. The transformation fixed the ankle, thanks to the wonderful healing properties of trolls. But they don’t call them Brittlefoots for nothin’ : During basic training, Tobias’s entire right leg was crushed in an tragic trebuchet range accident. Despite troll healing, Tobias has never completely recovered. He walks with a limp and experiences great pain when attempting to lift heavy loads. He was washed out of the 66th Legion on a dishonorable discharge, and was forced to pay for the short military training he had received.

To pay back his debt, Tobias became a caravan and stagecoach guard, where he often road ‘crossbow’. On one of these caravan’s he met a young sorcerer that was also working as a guard. After one trip to White Barton, his debts repaid, Tobias decided to set on his own, in search of greater rewards.

Tobias Brittlefoot

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