Murderous "Mark" Mayhem


Human Heavy Knight 4
Physique 18 (+2) Cunning 12 Ego 9 Charisma 12 Wickedness 6
HD d12 MHD d4 SV 15 IP 2d6 Prestige: 21,832
AB +8 SAB +1 HP 46 MHP 8 PAC 19 MAC 10 MV 14
Languages: Common
Skills: Athletics (Expert), Healing (Expert)

Special: Alertness, Armoured, Armour Specialist, Extra Attack, Fast, Kip Up, Spring Attack, Weapon Mastery, +4 Physique Attack Boost, +4 to saves vs. poison and death, +1 Agile bonus to AC, +2 to saves vs. petrification and stunning

Equipment: 6870 steel pieces, Bandage, Goggles of Seeing in Magical Darkness, Linothorax, Masterwork Backpack, 2x Oil, Steel Shield, Steel Spear, Steel Truncheon, Pouch, Whistle,

Weapons: Steel Spear 9 2d64 Steel Truncheon 9 1d104


Murderous "Mark" Mayhem

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