Stewie "Lem" Klapaucius (Deceased)

Old. Bearded. Brilliant. Dead.


RIP Lem. You were eaten by eviscerated, groin-split, and gut-eaten by a cave bear.

Name: Stewie “Lem” Klapaucius
Race/Class: Devilkin Shroud
Level: 1
Prestige: 903/500
Alignment: N

Physique 11 0
Cunning 10 0
Ego 10 0 (weak)
Charisma 16 2 (strong)
Wickedness 6 N/A
Saving Throw 17 (13 against magic/devices) N/A

HP: 1/1
mHP: 4/4
Armor: Leather
AC: 11
mAC: 15
Weapon: Iron Dagger (1d8, agile, simple, throwing)
Money: 328 GP (plus deed to land worth 650gp)
Encumbrance: 0/11

Stealth: expert
Prestidigitation: skilled
Healing: skilled
Devices: skilled
60’ Darkvision (devilkin)
+2 on psychic and social AB.

Initiative Factor by Gear Set
Single dagger and light armor: +9 (effectively unarmored (3), light weapon (2), single weapon (2), agile quality (2))

Total Encumbrance: 3

Gear: Cost (GP) Weight Gear: Cost (GP) Weight
Iron Dagger x2 50 N-E Leather Armor 50 N-E
10’ Pole XX N-E Bandages XX N-E
150’ Silk Rope XX E

U: Unwieldy (10 item slots/100-200 pounds, 1 max)
H: Heavy (5 item slots/50-100 pounds, 2 max)
E: Encumbering (3 item slots/20-50 pounds, 3 max)
L: Light (1 item slot/0-20 pounds, 10 max)
N-E: Non-Encumbering


I have really good ideas all the time. My superior brain power comes from my beard.

I know Chris because: we share a secret psychic bond and share each other’s pain and emotions.

I know Dave Bestwizard (John) because: my house burned down, he offered me a job assisting in rebuilding a town.

Stewie "Lem" Klapaucius (Deceased)

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