Dave Bestwizard

The Bestwizard


Human Magus 3
Physique 8 (- 1) Cunning 16 (+ 2) Ego 9 Charisma 9 Wickedness 7
HP 8 MHP 14 Phys. AC 11 Ment. AC 9 Sv 18
Atk: + 1 Mag. Atk: + 3 Init: 2d6
Prestige: 10014

Languages: Common, Empyrean, Hellion
Skills: Arcana (skilled), Bureaucracy (skilled), Infernal Lore (skilled)
Class Abilities: Spell Casting, Phantasmal Aura, Powerful Spellcaster, Penetrating Spell,
Spell Dice: 9d6
Spells: Minor Phantasm, Colour Spray, Bewilder, Phantasmal Killer

Weapon: Iron Misericorde +0 1d6
Masterwork Backpack: Blanket, Chalk, Whistle, Deed to 650gp worth of land x2, 5572sp
Scroll Case: Empty


Background: Dave Bestwizard, of the Bestwizards of Valeglenvale, is the first, last, and only graduate of the DeVry Institute of Ensorcelment (Valeglenvale Campus), as well as the first member of his family to pursue higher education. This was made possible thanks to a scholarship for underprivileged youths offered by the local infernal representative, Glele-Whose-Teeth-Grind-The-Innocent (MP Valeglenvale – West Denburgholm – North Gehenna).

After convocation, and the destruction of the entirety of Valeglenvale and its population save himself and Tobias Brittlefoot at the hands of a passing horde of Death Riders, Dave pursued a career in local government, where his talents for cunning illusions and bureaucracy allowed him to rise to the exalted rank of Deputy Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of the Bureau of Infernal Infrastructure in the Greater Gehenna Region. The responsibilities for this important post required him to compile and tabulate reports as part of a team planning for infrastructural challenges facing the bureau, including damage caused by fire, barbarian hordes, water and mold, rogue sorcery, inclement weather, demonic assaults, and lack of maintenance by tenants.

Dave’s greatest challenge came shortly after the tragic events of 8/23, when the Bureau was tasked with the important responsibility of facilitating the creation of the memorial park & tourist centre by relocating those individuals whose homes had been consumed by the sudden emergence of the now-famous blood lava lake & its man-eating flame-serpents. In that capacity, he met Stewie “Lem” Klaupaucius, and arranged for him to receive a lucrative government contract as a porter / relocation specialist assisting his fellow residents in their life-stage transition to lemure-labourers.

He-Who-Burns-The-Names-Of-the-Wicked-From-The-Book-Of-Life, Dave’s former supervisor, recommended Dave for the Team Player of the Month Award for his work, but tragically, cutbacks in departmental funding caused by the loss of most of the taxpayers to blood lava and/or relocation pits, as well as union seniority rules, required Dave to be let go from his position.

Dave has used this opportunity to reconnect with his surviving family & pursue personal projects in preparation for what he hopes will be the next exciting career option to present itself.

Dave Bestwizard

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