Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 5

The Little Shaft of Destiny

Dramatis Personae:
+John Bell as Dead Frank
+Beloch Shrike as Barrybell

Highlights Recap
After about 90 minutes, the Agonarch stopped talking about micropenis, and the party continued exploring the Manpit mines.

Barrybell advanced through a crevice in the back wall of the room where the Salt Hag was defeated, discovering a vertical shaft. Lowering himself on the rope, he found an offshoot from the shaft about halfway down, and at the bottom of the shaft he discovered a set of winding stairs leading further downward.

Deciding to explore the offshoot, Barrybell and Dead Frank discovered the large gaping mouth of a monster’s skull, large enough for them to walk between its teeth upright. Barrybell looked for mechanical hinges on the jaw, and tested the ground for pressure plates, but found none. Barrybell used his 10’ pole to prod around inside of its mouth.

The session ended In Media Res.


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