Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 4

Getting Stressed-Out by a Salt Hag

Dramatis Personae

John Bell as Dead Frank the Sorcerer
John Bell as Kevin Unpredictablesnakes the Flesh Puppet
Jarrett Crader as Annaphalactika the Devilkin Mystic
Nick Whelan as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud

An Ivory Necklace worth 4000sp
An Astral Circlet worth 7000sp
(11,000sp / 3 = 3667 Steel Pieces each.)

NPC Relationships
Barrybell befriended four Clavegers named Albert, Bertrum, Carlton, and Devin. All four perished during the course of the adventure.

Barrybell hired a Gater named Earnest to guard our pack animals while we are in the mines.

Highlights Recap
In order to better support the playtest and explore the prepared material, the party reversed their previous decision and opted to investigate the Manpit Mines.

Barrybell purchased two Aurochs to carry the party’s gear, and they traveled the 3 miles to the mine to scout the location. They found that the mine shaft was sheer enough that they’d need to climb down to descend. They also noted a frozen-over bronze grate just below the lip of the shaft. The party opted to return to town to stock up on supplies before attempting their descent.

Once they were properly supplied, they mounted a chain to a nearby tree, and lowered it (and a rope attached to it) into the shaft. It was here that the party also spotted a secondary path, a crawlspace beneath the tree. Given how cramped the space was, the party opted to stick with climbing down the shaft.

Barrybell climbed down far enough to clear off the ice from the grate with his crowbar. Once this was done and it became apparent that the grate wasn’t built to be opened, Barrybell used his pick to smash the cold brass to pieces. The party then retreated briefly to see if any creatures would respond to the noise.

Barrybell and Dead Frank then descended through the grate, where they found a small chamber with roots coming in through the ceiling. There were two exits: one evidently leading up under the tree, and the other a large bronze plate on the ground, covering a shaft like a manhole cover would.

Annaphalactika joined the party, and Barrybell was lowered down the smooth-bore shaft, discovering a spiked pit below. Avoiding the pit, Barrybell discovered that this lower section could also be reached via the main shaft. On the other side, he discovered a room of salt.

Returning up the smooth bore shaft to confer with the others, it was decided that the whole party would descend further down the main shaft, then explore the salt room together. The moment they stepped foot in the salt room, a column of salt carried a dessicated woman to the surface, who howled and attacked.

The party attempted to parley with the creature, but failing that, engaged in a brutal fight. Albert, Bertrum, Carlton, and Devin were all killed in defense of Barrybell. And Barrybell wept for their passing.

The party did emerge victorious in the battle, slaying the salt hag and looting her exploded corpse of treasures.

The session ended In Media Res´╗┐


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