Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 3

The Consequences of Success

Dramatis Personae:

Courtney Campbell as Agonarch

John Bell as Kevin Unpredictabesnakes the Sorcerer
John Bell as Dead Frank the Sock Puppet
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud
Chris H. as Hráz the Inquisitor


  • The treasure from the previous two sessions was tallied up to 9000 steel pieces worth of items, not including the four large gems discovered last session. Because it seemed next to impossible to keep those gems, we opted to hide them among the trash. Hopefully we will be able to come back for them later.
  • Divided amongst the four who participated in the previous session, each character emerged from the lower levels with 2250sp worth of money and prestige.
  • For completing the job of clearing the trash, we were paid 50 steel pieces per person, per square foot cleared. This amounted to 28 square feet, or 1400sp for each of us.
  • At this juncture, we each had 3650 steel pieces and prestige (not including starting money).
  • The administrator insulted the party. Barrybell and Hraz accepted the insult, and lost 200 and 600 prestige respectively.
  • Dead Frank rejected the insult, and lost no prestige. The clerk declared a vendetta and anted 1000 prestige, which Dead Frank matched.
  • Loshaga called us to her chambers, and demanded that each of us acknowledge that we performed our task for her glory. We agreed, and each lost 1100 prestige in the process.
  • Dead Frank spends all of his money, preventing the Diabolic Administrator from collecting on her vendetta. She loses the vendetta, and Dead Frank claims the pool of prestige that was wagered. A total of 2000 prestige. The Vile Conclave has not yet determined whether to award it to Dead Frank.

NPC Relationships

  • The party met Spebb and his bet Drooge. Spebb wishes he had time to cavity search everybody, but he doesn’t, so he only cavity searched Kevin Unpredictablesnakes
  • The party met an unnamed Diabolic Administrator. She casually insulted us, and seemed mildly annoyed when Dead Frank refused to accept the insult. We imagine she’s probably significantly more annoyed that Dead Frank won the Vendetta.
  • The party encountered Loshaga for a second time. Loshaga made a demand of us, which we happily obeyed.

Highlights Recap

The session began with a discussion of whether or not Stargate SG-1 is bad, followed by a discussion of whether or not the Batman films were bad, followed by a discussion of whether or not the Deadpool trailers look bad.

When play began, the players hid the high value gems discovered during the previous session, judging that it would be too much trouble to attempt to keep or fence them at this juncture. We then returned to the living areas of level 3, and sold our various treasures and essences for coin, and changed our coins to the lightest denominations available.

From there we traveled to the municipal building, where we encountered a chief of security named Spebb, and his pet Drooge. After a brief search (which plumbed the depths of poor Kevin’s body cavities), the party was shown into the administrator’s opulent office. She sat behind a very fancy desk, which was separated from the party by a wall of glass.

The administrator was unimpressed with us, and performed nearly all of her dealings without even looking up from her papers. She unenthusiastically congratulated us on a job well done, and dispensed payment to each of us. The money had barely touched our palms when she insulted us to steal back some of the prestige we had just gained, calling us the dirties, most foul smelling group of degenerates who had ever worked for her.

Barrybell and Hraz accepted the insult without complaint, but Dead Frank refused it. This seemed to surprise / annoy the administrator, who lackadaisically declared a vendetta. Dead Frank held firm, and anted up his prestige. The administrator vowed to take half of all his money for the next month.

No sooner had the party left the administrative building than we were summoned to the chambers of Loshaga. The ruler of Ascent, sitting on her throne of the forged living, also congratulated the party on a job well done. She then demanded that we proclaim to all that what we did, we had done for her glory. All of the party happily agreed to this, and we were allowed to be on our way.

The party then purchased equipment and training for ourselves, and in particular Dead Frank chose to spend every penny of his money. When the agents of the administrator ransacked Dead Frank’s home, they found nothing of value. Dead Frank contends that he won the Vendetta, since the administrator is incapable of taking half of his money. The vile conclave has yet to return a decision on the matter, and the 2000 prestige pot is being withheld pending judgement.

In the meantime, the party weighed which of the available jobs they would like to pursue: either plundering the Manpit Mines, or taking supplies to the Trolls. In the end, the party agreed to pursue the latter course. Barrybell put up the funds to purchase 84 rations to be carried on one of the carts, and split between the party.


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