Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 2

TPK Payday

Dramatis Personae:
Jarrett as Erasmus Ferby the Red Troll Thug
John Bell as Steve Bad the Sorcerer
Nick W. as Brussle the Blorc Shroud

Jarret as Annaphalactica the Devilkin Mystic
John Bell as Kevin Unpredictabesnakes the Sorcerer
John Bell as Dead Frank the Sock Puppet
Nick W. as Barrybell the Blorc Shroud
Chris H. as Hráz the Inquisitor

Demonic Alchemical Essences worth 1500sp
A scepter worth 4000sp
50 loose gold coins worth 500sp
A platinum crown worth 1000sp
4 small jet gems, 6" diameter. Each worth 50,000sp each (200,000sp)

Total Loot 207,000 Divided among living participants 51,750

NPC Relationships
Laborers: We continued to employ them, treating them respectfully. However, two of those who were off by themselves moving trash were killed by a demon, and the rest failed their morale check when asked to fight, and fled, only returning when the demon was defeated.

Highlights Recap

Continuing on their noble quest to clear the trash from the 6th sublevel of the tower, Brussel traveled down to sublevel 14, and arranged a board to cover the shaft. The rest of the party then tossed down a trash bag as a test, which banged against the board, splattering garbage goo everywhere, which was easily moved aside with a shovel. The test proved effective, but it also attracted attention.

A many armed demon with a horrifying mouth in its torso rose from the depths of the shaft. Apparently the source of the many taboos about throwing trash into the shafts. Brussle tried to reason with the creature, but a reaction roll of 2 prompted it to attack. Brussle’s iron dagger dealt a devastating blow to the demon—a creature weak against iron. But things just went downhill from there.

Brussle was the first to fall, being bitten by the creature, and having his innards sucked out of his body. Erasmus fell next, rappelling down to help, only to have his hand mangled, and his face torn clean off of his body. Finally, Steve bad was taken hold of, and shaken to death by the demon.

Total Party Kill

By the time new characters were rolled, Chris H had arrived. Ross the Inquisitor filled in his new companions (sent by Loshaga to finish the job the incompetents had started). The new party determines that they should revert to the original plan, lowering garbage carefully down the shaft rather than tossing it onto a board.

There was then a very lengthy argument about Math, during which all players were bored.

Realizing that the task of clearing garbage would take hours upon hours (and over 40 encounter checks), the party took some time to erect a series of walls, board up doors, and set small distracting traps throughout the environment. We also made a set of 10 long spears for the laborers, if it became necessary. The PCs stood guard while the 7 laborers moved the trash. Rats made several attempts to accost the group, but were held back by the walls or distracted by the traps each time.

In several hours of work, the players uncovered numerous items of treasure, which was pretty awesome.

After roughly a third of one room had been fully cleared of trash, a scream was heard from the lower level where a pair of laborers were unloading the trash. The party quickly took up positions away from the opening to the shaft. Another demon (or perhaps the same one, healed) appeared.

The demon declared its anger for having its shaft disturbed by thrown items. Barrybell countered that their group had not tossed a single item down the shaft; while Dead Frank the Sockpuppet decided it would work better to just insult the creature.

This second battle went a fair bit more in our favor, and the party was able to make short work of the demon by hurling spears and waiting for it to close to melee. All aided by Frank’s deft use of social attacks to weaken the demon, and drive his allies into a fighting rage.

Shortly after the defeat of the Demon, when work resumed, the party found four gems of exceptional quality, which we shoved wayyyyyyyyyyy up our butts.

With a respectable amount of work complete, the party headed off upstairs to report our success. The session ended In Media Res.


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