Google+ Perdition, Season 2, Session 1

A Whole Heap of Trash

Dramatis Personae:
Chris H. (As an Inquisitor)
Nick W. (As Brussle the Black Orc Shroud)
John Bell (As Steve Bad the Sorcerer)
Michael Raston (As Bark ‘The Handless’ Thug

Loot: Rat Essences (2000sp of Rat essence)

Ongoing Goals: We still need to clean up the garbage. Probably by having our crew lower it down from sublevel 6 to sublevel 14.

NPC Relationships
-Between 3 of us we hired 7 laborers to help us move the garbage. We were nice enough to buy them all rubber overalls to prevent disease.

-Loshaga, a bearded antler devil in charge of the building we live in. Sullenly serves the child princess. He’s got a bad attitude about his life, and sent us to clean up garbage because lording his power over us makes him feel big.

Highlights Recap
We live in a skyscraper, the top of which is damaged, the bottom of which is full of traps, and the exterior of which is frozen tundra. The Frozen Realm of Exquisite Stasis, to be exact. The Child Princess Petharchia is in charge, but more directly we’re ruled over by a bearded antler devil named Loshaga.

People dispose of garbage by dumping it on sublevel 6, but the smell is starting to become a bother. We’ve been tasked with cleaning the sublevel.

After outfitting ourselves, the party descended to sublevel 6 and determined that the optimum strategy would be to survey all of the trash-filled rooms to ensure there were no monsters, before we dropped our guard and started work. We encountered immense amounts of smells bad enough to require a saving throw versus sickness, but otherwise found no monsters after opening all the doors.

Realizing the size of our task, we then went back upstairs to eat lunch, purchase rations, purchase protective equipment, and hire laborers.

Over lunch, we devised a plan: we’d use one of the building’s shafts to lower the garbage down to a lower level, where it could be unloaded safely. These shafts run the length of the whole building, but it is a cultural taboo not to put any garbage in them. Whether this taboo originates from an actual reason, the party doesn’t know. But since odors would probably travel up them very easily, the party opted not to simply disregard the taboo and use them as garbage dumps.

Brussle the Blorc was lowered on a rope to scout Sublevel 14, which was deemed sufficiently far down. He peeked down the corridors, and into the three rooms that were within walking distance without untying himself. He discovered no creatures, and the rooms were empty. Although one room did have three large pillars with writing on them that Brussle did not take time to investigate.

While Brussle was having this pleasant little scouting mission, the party was attacked by a swarm of rats which they fought off only with great difficulty. Then they were accosted by a great wolf creature. Fortunately the wolf was amenable to a negotiated settlement, and agreed to travel with the party on the promise of receiving food for his trouble.

Brussle returned to sublevel 6 with the rest of the party. The players then proceeded to spend several hours talking about game design, and the session ended in media res.


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