What is hell?

Hell is the loss of all hope.

Hell is when you realize you are not free and there is no escape, even in death. It is not torture applied by devils, though that surely occurs. It is what we do to ourselves.

A man living in Perdition has no hope, he is born already in debt to his fiendish masters, and the very action of survival costs him more than he can earn. . . unless of course he devotes himself to wickedness to raise his station in life.

There is no escape, even in death. Upon his death his soul becomes property and he is used as his betters see fit. He is left without choice. He cannot even sell his soul, because hell already owns it! This realm of Perdition is conquered and Devils have nothing to gain by bargaining for it. If they simply wait long enough then eventually they will have it.

The man in perdition is without hope. Their only choices are slavery and eternal damnation or an endless struggle for power forcing them to commit enormity after enormity until they become worse then what they are trying to escape.

Welcome to hell.

Welcome to Perdition.